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Our Mission

Our mission is to partner with top executives to strengthen leaders and their capacity:

  • To value and engage others in a common purpose.
  • To identify and execute strategic priorities.
  • To achieve first-rate performance and outstanding results.

Our Focus

We focus on the organization’s strategic agenda and its most critical leadership issues.

  • How to thrive in a world of uncertainty and change.
  • How to execute the business and mission.
  • How to create a healthy, sustainable organization.
  • And how to mobilize the right resources to maximize performance.

Our Heart

Strengthening Leaders LLC launched in November 2007 and chartered as an L3C organization on January 1, 2010. Strengthening Leaders L3C operates globally and is one of the earliest L3C organizations established in the USA.

  • L3C is a new and unique form of limited liability company (LLC) that combines the best features of the LLC with the social conscience of a non-profit.
  • Strengthening Leaders L3C’s chartered purpose is Charitable and Educational Enterprise.
  • As an L3C primarily engaged with non-profit Christian ministries we have a special interest in strengthening their leaders, teams, organizations and boards to Be Great At Doing Good in Jesus Name!


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