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Do you feel the need to be in a community of trusted experienced peers for encouragement, advice, support and accountability?  We may have a Strengthening Leaders Peer Advisory Group for you!


Currently there are Strengthening Leaders Peer Groups located in Atlanta, GA (2),  and Dallas/Fort Worth, TX (3) for CEOs and top-level Executive leaders of non-profit ministries.  We are preparing to launch our first peer groups in 2021 for Executive Pastors and Church Administrators in Atlanta, GA and Dallas/Fort Worth, TX. We are also working on CEO and Executive Peer Groups for Kansas City, MO and Houston, TX as well as central locations in Michigan and Florida.  Our desire and intention is to launch new Strengthening Leaders Peer Advisory Groups across the USA and perhaps to regions beyond in the years ahead.


The majority of our members are local to where their Strengthening Leaders Peer Group meets monthly, while others have chosen to travel to other locations to be actively engaged in a Strengthening Leaders Peer Advisory Group. If you are interested to learn more please Contact Us. We will work with you to find the best group and location for you!  

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"The CEO Peer Group has been one of the most valuable investments, personally and professionally, that I’ve made in recent years. The collected wisdom of the group and care that is shown to one another is priceless."

Gary Schneider, President & CEO, Every Orphan’s Hope

"The peer group has been instrumental in helping develop my personal leadership skills, while helping to give clarity and direction to our overall ministry. It has also been rewarding and a privilege to speak into other ministries as well. "

Jim Marvine, CEO, Shelterwood

"The CEO group has helped facilitate decisions both personally and professionally in a safe and confidential environment with other ministry leaders."

Ramona Davis, Executive Director, Woman to Woman Pregnancy Resource Center

"I look forward to the DFW CEO meeting every month because of the valuable relationships built, the significant issues discussed, and the valuable input received – both personally and for the Josh McDowell Ministry."

Duane Zook, CEO, Josh McDowell Ministry

"The camaraderie and corporate wisdom of fellow leaders sharing in the heat of the battle of non-profit leadership is absolutely invaluable."

Kurt Nelson, President & CEO, East-West Ministries International

“Proactive Christ-centered executive leaders continually seek ways to maximize their leadership effectiveness to achieve their ministry’s vision and mission while authentically living out their faith and values. You and your ministry will benefit from Bill Frisby’s expertise as a facilitator and coach to strengthen leaders, their teams, and their organizations to advance the Kingdom.” -Dan Busby, Former President ECFA


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