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Do you have a heart to help and serve other leaders?  Are you willing to come alongside them, encourage them, support and strengthen them, help them lead with the integrity of heart and skillful hands?  We may be able to help you!

Strengthening Leaders Peer Advisory Groups are peer-learning communities for top-level non-profit ministry leaders led by trained group facilitators.  Strengthening Leaders group facilitators are peer group architects, culture shapers, discussion facilitators, trusted and experienced advisors, covenant guardians, and adept leaders of leaders.  They are leaders with a passion to come alongside other leaders to serve, support and help them individually and organizationally be successful, to fulfill their mission and realize their vision, to help them BE GREAT A DOING GOOD IN JESUS NAME!

If you are interested to learn more about starting a Strengthening Leaders Peer Advisory Group please Contact Us. Tell us of your interest and we will schedule a time to meet, to begin the discussion and explore the possibilities! We look forward to hearing from you!

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Two of the deepest values that TMS Global hold dear are “humble learners” and “people in community”. We believe that “iron sharpens iron” and that “a cord of three strands is not easily broken.” The Atlanta Strengthening Leaders Peer Advisory CEO Group has helped me live into both of those values in significant and profound ways. Regular engagement with the remarkable wisdom and extensive life experience of our facilitator, Bill Frisby, is a great benefit of the group, but that benefit is enhanced and multiplied geometrically by the humble learning posture and wise input and counsel that the various participants contribute during each meeting. I can think of numerous examples of specific instances where the wisdom and deep insight of Bill, and of the other members of our group, have helped me gain deeper comprehension of tricky leadership problems, facilitated my understanding of situations that prevented me from making critical mistakes, and/or walked with me through the process of correcting the fallout from bad decisions I have made along the way. Additionally, an equally important advantage of the group is the power of Christian leaders in community. We not only learn together, we also support one another in friendship, in prayer, and in the kind of deep Biblical fellowship that is so incredibly life giving, especially in challenging times. I have received great help from my participation in this group, both in leadership and in life. I highly recommend it for any leader who values humble learning and people in community.

Max Wilkins, President & CEO, TMS Global

"The Peer Group with Strengthening Leaders has been an integral part of my development as a CFO. Bill’s insight as well as thoughtful and knowledgeable feedback from the whole group brings depth and breadth to most issues. It is also a privilege to offer my own experiences to speak into the situations of friends here. Every month brings unexpected interaction that builds up the whole group."

Brian Thigpen, Chief Financial Officer, Source of Light International

"Strengthening Leaders has become an integral partner in my professional development. The ability to network with like-minded ministry leaders as we each work to advance the Kingdom of God in the areas where He has planted us is invaluable. When I need others to help me think through all facets of a project, process, or plan, I turn to my peer group! I highly recommend Strengthening Leaders for anyone looking to grow as a ministry leader."

Alyson Presley, VP of Operations, Every Orphan’s Hope

"Bill with Strengthening Leaders provides the expertise to guide organizations through speed bumps, road blocks, or transitions in order to increase overall effectiveness."

Ramona Davis, CEO, Woman to Woman Pregnancy Resource Center

Bill Frisby is the Founder/CEO Strengthening Leader Peer Advisory Groups which meet monthly. Bill does a phenomenal job of encouraging C-suite leaders, especially regarding the unique challenges they face in their daily roles. I have found my membership in this mentoring group to be, without a doubt, the most valuable investment in my leadership development!

–Rev. Dr. Kurt Nelson, President & CEO, East-West Ministries International

For over ten years, I have gleaned the collective insights, wisdom and words from the hundreds of years of experience represented by fellow peers as I have participated in the DFW Strengthening Leaders Peer Advisory Group. Bill has been an awesome facilitator and friend. Thank you!

Duane Zook, CEO, Josh McDowell Ministry, a Ministry of Cru

"It’s hard to express how much Strengthening Leaders has impacted me and made me a better leader since I first joined in 2015. Having stepped into a new role in a new industry, I didn’t know what I didn’t know, but it was so beneficial to have an opportunity each month to ask questions, learn from other leaders, and begin “know” what I needed to know to help improve our ministry. Over the years I have realized that my peers are often facing a challenge that I just faced (which gives me an opportunity to help them ) or they’re facing an issue that I’ll soon face (which gives me an opportunity to learn from them). That’s actually one of the best parts of Strengthening Leaders—the two-way learning and growth that happens each month. As Proverbs says, “As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.”

Seth Kolb, Executive Vice President of Operations, East-West Ministries International

“Proactive Christ-centered executive leaders continually seek ways to maximize their leadership effectiveness to achieve their ministry’s vision and mission while authentically living out their faith and values. You and your ministry will benefit from Bill Frisby’s expertise as a facilitator and coach to strengthen leaders, their teams, and their organizations to advance the Kingdom.” -Dan Busby, Former President ECFA


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