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Executive Coaching
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Bill Frisby, CEO of Strengthening Leaders L3C, partners with top-level ministry leaders to build healthy high-performing executive teams and first-rate organizations and boards, through executive coaching, organizational consulting, and training.  He draws from over 40 years of extensive international non-profit and corporate leadership experience, working with leaders at Operation Mobilization, The Gideons International, Word of Life Fellowship, WorldVenture, Buckner International, East-West Ministries International, SafeHouse Outreach, and many others.  

Services include:

  • High-performance Board Governance Training and Development
  • Executive Transition Management  
  • Leadership Training and Development
  • Change Management 
  • Talent Management Effectiveness
  • Leadership and Organizational Culture Formation 
  • Intercultural Training & Development 


"While at OM USA, Bill at Strengthening Leaders worked directly with each of our key development team members to help them set strategy and stay on target with their goals. With Bill's help and a focused team, we stayed way ahead of our financial goals."

Regina Bergeron, Global Chief Development Officer, Alpha International

"Navigating through complex transition and organizational issues, Strengthening Leaders’ godliness, leadership expertise, strategic insights and steady voice of encouragement were exactly what we needed to continue moving forward."

Dr. Don Lough, Jr., Executive Director, Word of Life

"Strengthening Leaders successfully combines organizational development with spiritual development; that itself makes Strengthening Leaders one of a kind and the reason that we chose them among the many other options."

Janet M. Stringfellow, President & CEO, Volunteer of America of Florida

"Bill and Strengthening Leaders are world class team builders who consistently apply their experience, insights and wisdom to the needs of clients in the USA and across the globe."

Bobb Biehl, Executive Mentor, Masterplanning Group International

"Strengthening Leaders has the tools and deep desire to see the effectiveness of leaders enhanced through their expertise and mentoring."

Dr. David Cummings, Former International President, Wycliffe Bible Translators

"Strengthening Leaders has been instrumental in helping focus the development of our leadership and organizational culture. I cannot imagine the journey to this point without the support and encouragement from Strengthening Leaders, and I believe the best is yet to come."

Dr. Albert Reyes, President & CEO, Buckner International

"Strengthening Leaders was very helpful during my transition into the President’s role by helping build organizational leadership and relationship dynamics. I highly recommend Bill and the work of Strengthening Leaders to you!"

Dr. Jeff Denlinger, President & CEO, WorldVenture

“Proactive Christ-centered executive leaders continually seek ways to maximize their leadership effectiveness to achieve their ministry’s vision and mission while authentically living out their faith and values. You and your ministry will benefit from Bill Frisby’s expertise as a facilitator and coach to strengthen leaders, their teams, and their organizations to advance the Kingdom.” -Dan Busby, Former President ECFA


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