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Bill and Lisa Frisby

Commonly Asked Questions

Who are the Strengthening Leaders Peer Advisory Group Members?

They are all top-level leaders of non-profit organizations or churches.  A Peer Group consists of between 6-16 members, representing 300-400 years of experience at any given time.

What types of Peer Advisory Groups are available?

Strengthening Leaders has three types of Peer Advisory Groups: 1) CEO Peer Groups for CEOs, Presidents, Executive Directors; 2) Executive Peer Groups for C-Level leaders who report directly to the CEO/President/ED; and 3) Church Administrator/Executive Pastor Peer Groups for church leaders who oversee the organizational and operational aspects of the church.

Does a facilitator lead the Peer Advisory Groups?

Yes, a trained facilitator leads the group and keeps it as effective as possible with a disciplined approach to issue discussion focused on member’s issues, challenges, problems, and opportunities.

How often do the Peer Groups meet?

The Peer Groups meet Consistently, once per month for a 1/2 day..

What kind of commitment is required to be part of a Strengthening Leaders Peer Advisory Group?

Every member commits to the Group Covenant that defines how the group will function and safeguards confidentiality, important to group effectiveness and trust.  Every member has signed a Confidentiality Agreement.

What is the agenda for the monthly Peer Group Forums?

The focus is on issue discussion, not on a curriculum.  The issues are brought to the group by members to ensure each dialogue is Contextual and relevant to their needs.  We also have a meal together during our monthly gathering to help connect members relationally, in a Community of trusted peers.  In this environment we help eliminate the sense of isolation and provide an added level of accountability for each member.

Are there ever outside speakers at the Peer Group gatherings?

Yes, the groups typically have 3 workshops per year.  They are led by outside speakers who are subject matter experts and specialists on critical issues to the members and their organizations.

Is there a spiritual perspective to the Peer Groups?

Yes, Strengthening Leaders Peer Groups have a clear Biblical perspective and welcome these insights from members during the course of any discussion.  During our meetings we also take time to pray for members and their personal or organizational needs, and for every issue discussed.

What is the value proposition for Strengthening Leaders Peer Advisory Group members?

This is one of the most dynamic aspects of being a member of a Peer Advisory Group.  Since every member is a Learner and every member is a Teacher there is a reciprocal transfer of value: 1) Every member receives value resulting in increased leadership effectiveness, healthy high-performing leadership and organizational cultures, financial sustainability, growth, and efficiencies; 2) Every member adds value to other members through mutual support, encouragement, prayer, problem solving, creative solutions, an innovation mindset, and accountability.


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